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Fire pit

Fall is on its way and soon we will have cooler days with crisp nights. The leaves will be changing and the landscape in our yards will change color as we move into one of my favorite times of the year. While I truly love summer, fall is my next favorite time of year. Yes, it can signal the coming of harsh winters for some but living in the south, fall is a truly wonderful time of year. The temperature is accommodating and bearable during the day but cool at night. Football, tailgating, harvest parties, apples, pumpkins and so many wonderful events happen in fall. Chilling out and relaxing becomes a priority and people get together. Everyone gathers together in the fall. Familys hangout more. Friends visit each other more and what better place to enhance this time together than around an outdoor fire pit. The outdoorsy and exotic smells one gets sitting around a fire bring back memories that lead to stories of childhood mischief, laughs that go on for hours and just a chilled, relaxing place to sit and spend a lazy evening enjoying the company around us. And if you have older children and teenagers a fire pit can be a great activity to add to your home outdoor space. Like a moth is drawn to a flame, it seems that teenagers are also drawn to fire and I don’t know about you, but I definitely would like to be the house on the street where all the kids want to hang out.  Many times the heart of the home is considered the fireplace because of the warmth it provides and the feelings it evokes. A fire pit allows you to create a similar feeling outside in a wonderfully rich and new environment.

FIre pit

Fire pits make a wonderful addition to any backyard and we would love to help you determine the right fire pit for your outdoor space. Fire pits come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but the basic idea is a structure or area designed to contain fire and keep it from spreading whether this is a hole dug in the ground or a metal, brick or stone structure. So when choosing a fire pit there are quite a few options, so I hope here I can break down for you the basic types and help you find the perfect fire pit to enjoy being outside this fall and through all the other seasons. There are two main types of fire pits and the differences have to do with how they are fueled. You can purchase a wood burning or gas powered fire pit. Both will provide you with heat and warmth and each style can be adapted to a more rustic, traditional or contemporary feel depending on what you would like. Many enjoy the scent and beauty of traditional logs and yet others prefer less hassle and the simplicity of gas.

Fire pit

Fireside Outdoor Kitchens offers many different options when it comes to fire pits and I am going to try and highlight a couple of the main categories for you. Some you may be very familiar with and others you may have never thought about or heard of but may be just the perfect option and solution for your outdoor space and families needs. So let’s check out “The Fire Department” at Fireside!

Fire pit-2


In this category there are three subcategories: traditional backyard, custom and our newest option, reduced-smoke fire pits.


Price: $200 – $400

The traditional backyard fire pit is a type of fire pit that is usually made out of metal and can be moved. These fire pits may be round or square but they stand on their own and can be up to a few feet large. Hard wood is burned in these fire pits and they may give you the most authentic look and feel. This type of fire pit can be very simple and many times can be the most cost efficient. With this traditional back yard fire pit you will also get the smoky wood burning smell that so many of us love and associate with fires in the fall and roasting marshmallows.  We have quite a few different versions for you but here are a couple.

Fire pit

Fire pit


Price: $500 – $3,000

The second option, if you would like a wood burning fire pit, would be a custom fire pit. When you think custom you are probably thinking $$$ but what we are really talking about here is an option that is just more specialized. Currently we have two different models on our floor at Fireside that showcase this very well. The custom part here means that they are specifically geared toward a family’s needs or desires and in this example is for people who want to cook and grill over their fire. The first example would be the custom cooker. This metal fire pit is made from the end cap of a commercial propane tank. It is 3/8” steel and will not be going anywhere for a long time! However it does goes places because it is mobile; you can wheel this fire pit wherever you want. In addition to durability and mobility, this fire pit also provides additional versatility with its built in cooking grate which allows it to become a wood-fired cooker. There is also a metal arm that will hold your dutch oven or cook pot that will hang over the fire to cook. The possibilities with this fire pit are endless.

Fire pit

Another custom option and probably one of the most attractive fire pits we have ever seen is the FireFly Fire Bowls. The FireFly Fire Bowls are hand crafted locally in Aiken, South Carolina by a true artisan and we are one of the lucky stores in the USA to be a dealer. These fire pits are a redesign of the original syrup kettles found on the early American Farms and Plantations. In the 19th century a syrup kettle or sugar kettle was more or less a tool that had several applications around the farm.  It was used as a syrup cooking pot, used to scald hogs at slaughter time, used to render lard and also as a water bath at canning time.  Now, they are used as outdoor fire pits that cut the chill of a cold winter night or create a relaxing addition to any back yard.

Fire pit

FireFly Fire Bowls are all made of cast iron and will last forever as is the case with many of the old kettles that are found all over the south. Cast iron is the secret ingredient to the proper construction of a fire bowl. Cast iron does not distort or weaken when exposed to heat unlike many steel fire bowls found in today’s market. Cast iron is also superior in retaining and radiating heat…think of a cast iron wood stove or cast iron frying pan. It also stands up to the weather better than steel. Cast iron develops a thin patina layer that actually protects itself from the invasive rust that you find with inferior steel fire bowl products. This fire pit can also have grill grates added to it for a grilling and cooking function. FireFly Grill Grates are also made of cast iron for its superior cooking properties that sears meat to perfection while retaining its flavor with an evenly heated cooking surface unlike steel grill grates found on traditional grills. If you want to see a real life example of cast iron in action, you can check out the cast iron manhole covers on Broad Street in front of Fireside. These manhole covers have been in place for over 100 years and never been painted or replaced;  that is some tough cast iron that has stood the test of time (and quite a few tires!).

Fire pit

FireFly Fire Bowls are offered in 2 sizes: 36” diameter and 45″ diameter. When considering the size of your outdoor living area, it is also important to consider the size of the Signature Foot Rest Stand that the fire bowl sits in. The twisted steel foot rest for The Sugar Maker 36 (36″ diameter bowl) has a 48″ diameter. Our Southern Comfort 45 (45″ diameter bowl) twisted steel foot rest has a 60″ diameter. The Signature Foot Rest is really a wonderful accent and beautiful addition to these fire pit and makes them a true work of art when placed in your outdoor space.

Fire pit

The Southern Comfort 45 is our best seller for big entertainment that requires an XL grilling surface. The Sugar Maker 36 is perfect for a roaring fire in a smaller outdoor living area. Each fire bowl is ready for wood burning, but can easily be converted to gas. We actually had a customer last year convert his FireFly into a gas fire pit for his balcony as seen in the picture below. I imagine sitting out here on a chilly autumn night enjoying the warmth and beauty of both this fire and the FireFly fire pit.

Fire pit


Price: $500 – $1150

The last option and the one that we are extremely excited about is one that is fairly new to wood burning fire pits, this is a reduced-smoke fire pit. The wood fire pit industry has rarely, if ever, seen sophistication and style in a portable fire pit. Breeo Industries believes that design and aesthetics CAN be applied to a wood fire pit, to make it a natural accent in the most luxurious of patio spaces. Using the Luxeve fire pit as a substitution for gas fire pits has many economic, environmental, and even social benefits. The primary innovation of this product is in the way it creates an entirely new market for consumers by combining clean burning technology with a modern, contemporary design. The Luxeve fire pit is designed to be a beautiful outdoor fire accent to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in an upscale patio space. Using Breeo Industries’ patent-pending smokeless technology, Luxeve takes it to a new level with a feeling of class. A powder-coated exterior, modern feet, and fire pit glass around the rim gives Luxeve contrast and style.

Fire pit

So you are probably wondering how exactly this product works. Watch here or I can try and explain for you. Hot oxygen enters the top of the pit through small holes, mixing with the smoke and causing it to reburn. Secondary air supply rises through double outer walls and exits holes at the top of the pit. The main air supply enters through holes at the bottom. Here is the reduced-smoke fire pit in action.

Fire pit

This is really an exciting product that we can’t wait to get into our customers homes.

Fire pit



Price: $300 – $3,000

So at this point if you are still reading along we are ready to talk about gas fire pits. Like mentioned earlier, these fire pits can pretty much be converted from any of the above mentioned options. A gas fire pit is almost always custom and any of the options mentioned earlier can be converted into a gas options.

Outdoor Fire Gear is the company we use to supply us with all the parts, pieces, valves, burners, and frames for a wide array of custom gas fire pit options.  With their extensive offering of burners and valves, we can create the gas fire pit of your dreams.  Wether it is a simple interlocking concrete paver fire pit with a “match-throw” gas burner or a contemporary “line of fire” fire table with electronic ignition and glass fire beads, we can offer any option in between.

Here is a stunning, contemporary, indoor fire pit concept we created, in Augusta, Georgia, out of an existing, wood-burning indoor fire pit.  This fire pit added a very unique and visually stunning feature to their living space and is representative of the range of gas fire pit solutions we can offer.  If you can dream it, we can build it!

Fire pit


Fire pit

And here is another option for a custom gas fire pit built into an outdoor kitchen. This was an idea from a customer. She used her i-phone to describe her design and what exactly she wanted.  She wanted a rectangle shape with an Evo and a fire pit in one line and wanted a space that could be enjoyed while cooking or where everyone could stand around and be “warm” or where you could sit back and enjoy its beauty on all sides.  I do not have a picture of it lit, but see the picture below for a unique and really cool idea! So like we mentioned earlier, if you dream it, we can build it.

Fire pit

The world of fire pits and warm and inviting outdoor spaces has grown over the years. There is an option to fit everyones wants and desires no matter how simple or custom and unique you would like to be. At Fireside Outdoor Kitchens and Grills, we are here to help you through the process. We want you to find the perfect fire pit solution for your outdoor space and we are happy to walk you through each of these categories as you explore just what will create the warm and inviting feel that we all love and enjoy as we sit around a blazing fire with friends and family.


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