Weekend Special: Safety Flat Grill BBQ Brush

How do you clean your grill?

Safety Flat grill bbq brush

Over the years, there have been articles and talk about wire grill brushes losing bristles and those bristles getting stuck in food… and we will just stop there. You can google it if you want more details. But because of the potential dangers involved, we have been very careful when recommending wire brushes. Until now!

Enter the 16″ Safety Double-Helix Bristle Free Flat Grill Brush. This grill brush has two springs that are twisted in wire, making two continuous loops that get wrapped all the way down the brush. Because of the continuous bristle design, this brush maintains its shape and integrity. If the spring does ever break, you know it is time for a new brush! 

grill brush

This brush also allows for a greater surface area contact with the grill surface and will clean grease and burnt food more effectively, with less effort, and lasts longer than traditional grill brushes.  

Pick one up this weekend for 25% OFF and go outside and grill! Dust off the pollen and scrape away the crud from your grill grates that has been keeping you from getting behind your grill! The weather is warming up, so don’t let a dirty grill keep you from enjoying grilling this spring!


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