Smoked Salmon Sauce


Smoked Salmon Sauce

Last week we had our monthly Ladies ONLY Grilling class and this recipe was the hit of the night. We plank smoked a piece of salmon and Chris whipped up this amazing sauce that was the perfect accompaniment to a very tasty salmon preparation. All night long everyone kept asking for the recipe, so here it is!


Smoked Salmon Sauce

This recipe is created by adding each ingredient to taste along the way. Play with the flavors and see how they all meld together. Feel free to ask questions below and we can help you if you need it!

Smoked Salmon Sauce



Sour cream

Dijon mustard

Dill, fresh, minced

Parsley, flat-leaf, minced

Jalapenos, pickled, minced

Cajun seasoning, several dashes



1.     Combine all ingredients and refrigerate for at least 8 hrs before serving, preferably overnight.

Smoked Salmon Sauce



–       Use more mayo than sour cream.  This will maintain a thicker texture

–       Being patient and making ahead of time will reward you with much more robust flavor from the sauce.


Smoked Salmon Sauce

  1. Chris

    Charles, that is entirely up to you! I didn’t measure any of the ingredients when I made it for class and I encourage you to just start dumping and taste as you go. I have made this sauce many times using this general guideline and it always comes out great.

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