Fire Magic Aurora Power Burner used


Fire Magic Aurora Power Burner used

$1,575.00 $550.00


The largest, most powerful side cooker available, providing the high heat necessary for wok cooking or frying a turkey.  Available in a range of BTU’s from 3,000 to 60,000 and with porcelain cast iron or stainless steel grids. Constructed of 304 stainless steel.

Product Name:
Power Burner


Cut out:
19” w x 18 ¾” d x 12” h

Grill Compatibility:

Product Description

This Power burner was installed in an outdoor kitchen and replaced in the field. The manufacturer returned it to Fireside as they could not find any problems with it. During all of this the metal flange got bent and it just doesn’t look new anymore. It does not carry a warranty but we will be sure you have all the parts that ensure it will work. Please note the cooking grid is not included with this burner but it is available. Works with LP or NG.

If shipping is required it is estimated to be $150.00 and shipping is not included in this price. Call store for more information or a shipping quote. 706-722-3939


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