Looft Lighter Fire Starter/Charcoal Ignitor

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Looft Lighter Fire Starter/Charcoal Ignitor


The original Looftlighter is a Swedish, patented, environmentally friendly invention that ignites charcoal, briquettes, wood, hardwood, pellets, heat beads etc. in 60 seconds without any use of lighter fluid or other chemicals.

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Product Description

How to light a charcoal barbecue with the Looftlighter

  • Make a pile of charcoal (or whatever material you are using).
  • Touch the pile with the tip of the Looftlighter.
  • Pull it slightly backwards when sparks or glow appear.

Continue pointing the Looftlighter towards the same spot for at least 60 seconds (to ignite the charcoal) or a couple of minutes (to get the charcoal white and ready to use).

  • Either you touch the wood directly with the tip of the Looftlighter (preferably small and dry pieces of wood).
  • Pull the Looftlighter back when flames appear, or you can crumble a piece of newspaper stick it in between the logs.
  • Touch the newspaper with the Looftlighter and pull it back when flames appear.

The Looftlighter is perfect to ”pre heat” the chimney for say 30 seconds before lighting the wood.


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    Team Fireside has used the Looft lighter at home and in the store for 3 years. We’ve sold hundreds of them and can tell you it is an outstanding product! It does what it advertises and will work hard for you for years to come. One pointer is that it is an electrical appliance, we do not recommend you leave it out where it could get wet. Ours has experienced rain and still works but it will void your warranty.

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