Kebo Bottle Opener

Kebo Bottle Opener
Kebo Bottle OpenerKebo Bottle OpenerKebo Bottle Opener

Kebo Bottle Opener


The new Kebo bottle opener, inspired by the Theodore Low bottle opener from the 1930s, is lightweight, easy to use and offers seamless functionality with a classic styling that will last for generations. Simply place the hooked end on the bottle cap, insert your thumb or forefinger into the loop and press down. With the single-handed lever action, bottle caps pop off effortlessly and cling to the on-board magnet. No more bending or chasing caps across the floor. Kebo Light hangs for storage or place it in your kitchen gadget drawer. It’s small, lightweight and portable enough to keep an extra Kebo Light in your garage, handbag, car, boat, picnic basket, beach tote – anywhere you like to enjoy your favorite bottled beverages. Kebo Light is not intended for use with twist-off caps. Made in the USA.

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