Challenger Outdoor Grill Carts – Double Grill Cart

Put your two favorite grills in this cart and they can be any size!
Double Ceramic Grill Cart

Challenger Outdoor Grill Carts – Double Grill Cart



Designed to fit most charcoal smokers, Challenger grill carts are made of
weather tight construction with convenient towel bars and grab handles. Frameless laminate
doors with full-extension powder coated drawers and shelves, trigger latch in chrome
or sliver powder coat, four 3″ ball bearing self-lubrication coasters (2 locking and 2 swivel)
make these hassle free and simple to clean. We offer standards but welcome custom.

Our Double Grill Cart does it all with a vast 76-inch table top for lots of food prep,
two outer mounted grill for easy serving in the center, and lots of important other extras.
Of course there is plenty of storage space with two spacious large storage doors,
and even space under the grill for utensils, a cooler, and anything else you might need
to put on a super cookout that makes for great memories.

Go Ahead… Get Cookin’


Product Description

The Challenger cart is sold is 3 standard sizes.  This listing is the “Double Grill Cart” cart also known as the Baddest Bunny in the Bunch but that’s a technical name.  It is priced for two grills and each can be either a Small/Medium/Large grill or the XLG grill.   The pricing is for standard colors or premium colors.  Chose your color for the top and frame and then for the panels.  Any customization is possible and any configuration is possible but we will need to talk live to discuss, please call 706-722-3939 Monday through Friday  10am – 6pm EST or Saturday 10am -5pm EST.  If you prefer you may email

How to order?

If you wanted a double cart with one Large Grill and one XLG Grill then you would select the “XLG Grill Std Color”, then you need to indicate which side you want each grill on.  Use the right/left as if you are standing in front of the cabinet looking at it.

If you wanted a double cart for 2 XLG Grills then you would select the XLG 2 Grill Std Color” and both grills would indicate XLG.

If you wanted the same cart in the Premium colors then you would choose the same size but make the “Prem Color” selection.

If either of your grills is a Small size then you still choose the “Md/Lg” size for the color type you prefer.

Choose your colors from standard to premium

Choose your colors from standard to premium

Don't be afraid to customize!

Don’t be afraid to customize!

Additional Information

Double Grill Cart

Md/LG Grill Std Color, Md/LG Grill Prem Color, XLG Grill Std Color, XLG Grill Prem Color, XLG 2 Grill Std Color, XLG 2 Prem Color,

Right Grill Size

Small, Medium, Large, XLG,

Left Grill Size

Small, Medium, Large, XLG,


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