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Cast Iron Platesetter



Product Description

The Cast Iron Platesetter

Patent Pending

The cast iron platesetter will work very much like the ceramic platesetter.  It can be used for indirect cooking, but it also has a cooking surface of it’s own. I have found that it is great for cooking or searing most anything.  It is also very rugged. but you can great it, so please do not try.

the idea for this product came about because of an incident that happened while I was taking photos of The Grate Rack. I had taken my ceramic platesetter and leaned it against my deck railing. I apparently did a poor job because the platesetter fell over and a leg broke.  I was not happy. Then about a week later I was at a customers in Nashville, TN and I had an epiphany. make it out of cast aluminum! That night I looked up the physical properties of aluminum but the melting temp was too low. I then looked up cast iron. I did the math on the weight per cubic inch, and we had a winner. I was telling my Dad about it and he and Tommy Stallings, a customer and friend in Mississippi both said that I should put a cooking surface on it. I thought it was a great idea, but I thought it was a gimmick that no one would use. I could not have been more wrong. We have used it for all sorts of things and so far everything has come out great.

Thermodynamics – I have had many people ask me about this. Will it get hotter? Will it radiate more heat? Because of these questions I consulted with a professional mechanical engineer with more than 50 years experience.

It will NOT get any hotter than a ceramic platesetter. It will get hot FASTER and cool off faster, but it cannot get hotter than it is in your grill. If there is direct contact the cast iron will transfer more heat faster than the ceramic.

For indirect cooking – a ceramic grill is a closed insulated environment. When the cooking surface is raised several inches above the platesetter the difference in radiant heat should be negligible. At that point the grill has become a convection oven.

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Large 18″, X Large 24″


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