Bison Airlighter Butane Fueled Charcoal Lighter

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Bison Airlighter Butane Fueled Charcoal Lighter


Chef quality butane lighter. Start your fire in seconds: Ignite your coals in as little as 15 seconds, create a roaring fire in 60 seconds.

The revolutionary Bison Airlighter is a portable air-driven fire lighter. It jets a 4-inch flame that instantly ignites charcoal and wood, then delivers airflow to quickly spread the flames throughout the pile.

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Product Description

Special features:

Continuous mode
The continuous button lets you rest your finger for extended flame or fan times. Simply press the Continuos Button while pushing forward on the Main Control Switch to lock in the flame. Or use it while pulling backwards on the Main Control Switch to lock the fan. You can stop continuous mode by pushing forward (or pulling if on fan mode) again on the Main Control Switch until you hear the “click” of the button releasing.

Adjustable handle
The adjustable handle lets optimize the Airlighter’s position for the most comfortable handling. There are 3 positions, straight, 45 degree and 90 degree. To adjust the handle, press the round grey button on the top of the Airlighter and move the handle until you hear it click into the position you like best.

Shining down the length of the barrel the flashlight lets you can see what you’re lighting at all times and is convenient for finding your wood in the dark. The flashlight button is the grey rubber button located on the left side of the Airlighter. Just push the button to turn on and off.

Hanging hook / bottle opener
The hanging hook / bottle opener is located on the bottom of the Airlighter.


Tips for lighting charcoal:

It is best to use coal that is not pre-soaked in lighter fluid. This avoids the use of harmful chemicals and unwanted taste.

Use the flame directly on the coals for about 10 seconds until you see that your coal is lit (about 1-2” of glowing red coal is enough). For best results, aim the flame at the point where two pieces of coal are touching.

Engage fan mode and point the airstream at the ignited coal. You should have a fully lit grill in 30-60 seconds. Get from cold to cooking faster by continuing to fan the flames for 4-6 minutes.

If you need to add more coal to your already lit fire, boost the coals with the fan only. Be careful not to blow ash onto your food; we recommend removing food from the grill before boosting the flames.

Getting started:

The Airlighter uses both butane gas and electricity so you will need to fill the tank and charge the internal battery before being able to use it to light a fire.

To fill the tank you will need a can of Airlighter Fuel (or other high quality non-clogging butane). Stand clear of any heat sources and hold the Airlighter so that the barrel is facing towards the ground. The refill valve in the base of the handle should be facing upwards. Turn the can of Airlighter Fuel upside down and press the nozzle down against the Airlighter’s re-fill valve. The tank will take about 5-10 seconds to fill. It is important not to overfill your Airlighter so be sure to look at the “MAX line” in the window while filling.

Charge the batteries, using the included USB cable. You can charge from any USB port including your computer, car, or wall outlet. The red indicator light means the Airlighter is charging. It turns green when it is fully charged and takes about the same amount of time to fully charge as it takes to charge a smart phone.


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    Team Fireside is using the Bison and although it is new to us we are quite impressed. I would say that if you do not have electrical connection close by and if you travel to places where you are unsure of the availability of power I would recommend the Bison! Some technique required but not difficult to use at all.

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