Fogo Premium Hardwood Charcoal


Fogo Premium Hardwood Charcoal

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Fogo! Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal is one of the finest charcoal available in the USA. In it’s largest size, the 35-pound bag, you will only find hand-selected pieces of the biggest pieces of charcoal that we find in our production. This charcoal has some of the best properties you can find – it lets itself be easily regulated by changing the air intake to burn intensely hot or low and slow for more than 35hrs, according to some of our customers that use Kamado-style cookers.

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Product Description

Due to shipping costs, this item is for LOCAL PICK UP ONLY

Read this review from The Naked Whiz:

This charcoal comes to us from Kebroak, the folks who brought you Kebroak Mayan Lump Charcoal. The wood it is made from (a Central American evergreen Oak species) comes from El Salvador, and the charcoal is made in El Salvador as well. We have

thoughtfully provided you with a map to the right. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger sized image. More information about how this charcoal is produced and the forestry practices used in its production is available on the Fogo Charcoal web site.

The charcoal comes in large 35-pound restaurant-sized bags. The larger the bag, usually, the larger the largest pieces are, so when we dumped it out on the ground for sorting, we anticipated some large pieces. We were not disappointed. You can see a photo down below of the largest pieces and some of them might require a little hammer work to get them into a smaller cooker. But of course, a bag full of charcoal that size would be a bit of a nuiscance, so how did the rest of the bag go? The size distribution was stellar. Over half the bag was medium sized pieces and less than 10% of the bag consisted of small pieces. The less-than-5% contents of chips and dust is very low compared to other brands. So all in all the bag had a great distribution of sizes, something for everyone. (As an aside, we jokingly complained to the manufacturer that large bags put us in a bad mood. Do you know how long it takes to hand sort 35-40 pounds of small to medium sized pieces, sitting on concrete with a bad knee? He assured us this was mostly large-ish pieces and that it wouldn’t take that long. He was right!)

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Due to shipping costs, this item is for LOCAL PICK UP ONLY


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    Team Fireside has been looking for years for a product to replace the Wicked Good Competition Blend….we finally found it! Long burn times, clean burn with low ash production and the talk of difficulty in lighting is making something from nothing. If you light your charcoal with paper (first stop that) you might have some difficulty but if you’re lighting with anything more powerful you’ll have no problems.

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