Cast Iron Plate Setter

Cast Iron Plate Setter
Cast Iron Plate SetterScreen Shot 2016-03-17 at 7.38.31 PMCast Iron Plate Setter

Cast Iron Plate Setter


The Paragon Casual Cast Iron Plate Setter for your ceramic grill is the ultimate direct and indirect cooking upgrade

This extremely versatile cast iron plate setter is perfect as a replacement or in addition to your original ceramic plate setter. This plate setter does double duty, and will not only function as a traditional plate setter, allowing your grill to function as a smoker and an oven, but also as a direct cooking surface. This is the perfect tool to sear large cuts of meat such as steaks, bringing the versatility of your ceramic grill to a new level.

Paragon Casual Cast Iron Plate Setter Features

  • 3 Leg Construction for Stability
  • Durable Cast Iron Material
  • Grooved Cooking Surface
  • Easy Clean-up


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