New Product: Smoker Bricx

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NEW PRODUCT: Smoker Bricx


Better Smoke. Better Flavor. 

Smoker Bricx

Infused with Bourbon, this is the wood use to make Cleveland Whiskey.  Not just oak from a barrel but finishing woods like apple, black cherry, sugar maple, hickory and honey locust.  The Smoker BRICX are packed wet and packed fresh, full of aroma and flavor.  Always solid wood, no sawdust, no bark and absolutely no fillers (except their own bourbon).

Smoker Bricx

The hand selected premium wood used for Smoker BRICX create amazing flavor profiles to add to your favorite smoked meats and dishes. Grab one of the many flavors that Smoker Bricx has to offer in two different sizes. 

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I don’t know about you, but I can think of many friends and neighbors who are going to LOVE this product. Just unscrewing the lid and taking a whiff of the bourbon infused wood is amazing and often people ask if they can suck on a piece of the wood or just keep open the container over and over again. 

Grab some this weekend and let us know how you are using your Smoker BRICX!


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