Big Green Egg

Startem’ young

If you search the United States you will never find a store with more experience selling The Big Green Egg.

Original Big Green Egg from The Pachinco House. Still works perfectly with all original parts. See it at Fireside Outdoor Kitchens.

How can we say this?  Well back, in 1974, when Ed Fisher was selling Green Eggs (like the one pictured to the right) from The Pachinco House in Atlanta he decided to start setting up dealers.  The first one in the United States was Cherokee Hearth & Home in Augusta, GA.  Rick Faulkner was the main man for sales and Rick is still selling those beautiful Green Eggs today only for Fireside Outdoor Kitchens.

The Egg that starter Fireside Outdoor Kitchens & Grills

Rick Faulkner with the Lg Egg he sold me in 1993


In 1993 Greig moved to Augusta, GA from the coast of GA and was big on steamed oysters.  He tried and tried to find a good gas grill that could keep the temp up high enough to steam alot of oysters for his friends but nothing worked.  One day his brother in law, Scott Atkins, suggested this crazy new grill he had heard of called The Big Green Egg.  Supposedly it could stay over 600 for hours and it was fueled by charcoal.  Greig bought one, Scott bought one, they told everyone they knew about them and 20 years later Greig has sold more Green Egg’s than he can count.

These days we use all our grills in competition, catering, cooking classes and demonstrations, every day!   Fireside Outdoor Kitchens carries more tables, cabinets and ideas for ways to hold your precious egg and has been involved in the design and construction of over 325 outdoor kitchens, most with eggs in them.  We are passionate about this nutty looking product and would love to help you with any question you might have.  We know that grills are sold in backyards not in stores so please tell your friends about your favorite grill and hopefully you’ll describe Fireside Outdoor Kitchens as your favorite grill store.

If you want to speak to true authorities on The Big Green Egg, well, you have found the source.  We do sell other brands too and we use them, so we can give you objective, experienced advice on your questions on not just the beloved Egg but all the ceramic grills.

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Greig is continuing the Egghead tradition with his son Hogan who can take anyone to school on using the egg… 12 years old.