Fireside’s Favorite Things: Outdoor Kitchen Designers

Fireside's Favorite Things Kitchen Designers


  1. OFYR – The perfect grilling solution for those that want to burn only wood. And it also combines art with outdoor cooking. Great line of products.
  2. HardCore Carnivore Black for beef is a crowd pleaser every time.
  3. Kamado Joe Big Joe for grilling with charcoal is the best value of the ceramic grills. New innovations that came out this year like the hinge makes it simple to handle and the ability to use all or 1/2 of the firebox is awesome.
  4. Shun 8” chef knife and 3” pairing knife are my daily go to for knives in my kitchen.
  5. OFYR spatula may be small but it is mighty. Great for everyday cooking and flat top cleaning.
  6. John Boos cutting board is my daily cutting board. This board keeps getting better with age.
  7. Woll cookware is the best non-stick I’ve ever used anywhere and I use it every day. Zero stick, healthiest non-stick on the market and incredibly quick cleaning.
  8. BBQ Buttula is my top pick for the best spatula for the BBQ crowd.
  9. Infratech heater is the best outdoor heater I’ve ever seen.  Inexpensive permanently outdoor heater and works extremely well.


  1. Woll large sauce pan. This is my grits pot. I can pour the grits straight out of it and barely need to clean the pot after.
  2. Patti’s seasoning. There is a reason they are famous for pork chops, but this seasoning is also brilliant on steaks and burgers. My favorite for burgers.
  3. Thermapen MK4. This product should need no introduction. You need one. Get one. I literally buy my clothes to fit my thermapen. For some of you, it might be a cell phone pocket, for me, its a thermapen pocket.
  4. Flame Boss. My wife tells me I rarely pay attention. This allows me to do so without messing up! I can monitor my cook from afar and change its temperature settings on my phone or PC. LOVE IT!
  5. Uuni. Everybody wants a pizza oven. Few want to spend the money for one. This gives you the best of both worlds by allowing you to dip your toe into the pizza oven market without spending a fortune. As a matter of fact it’s only $299.
  6. Kentuckyaki. Teriyaki doesn’t have to be sticky sweet. This less viscous, bourbon barrel-aged alternative is fantastic on all of the usual teriyaki suspects but is my personal favorite on salmon.
  7. Dizzy Pig Red Eye Express. This coffee infused BBQ rub is good on many things but is a real “ringer” on pork tenderloin, pork loin, and pork chops.
  8. BBQ Buttula. This is THE spatula. I could lift my children with it if my wrists were strong enough. 12 gauge steel isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Come on, you know your spatula bends like crazy when you take a butt or brisket off the grill, this is your problem solved.
  9. TEC Cherokee. It’s american made, its local, and they are the inventors of infrared cooking technology. If that wasn’t enough, it comes in a tailgate size. My favorite gas grill and the perfect accompaniment to any kamado-style grill.
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