Three reasons why I love my fireplace gas logs!

The temperature may be hot right now and all you can think about is getting cooled off, but you really need to be thinking about FIRE! That’s right, I said FIRE! What I meant to say was fireplace gas logs and even more specifically, I was talking about your fireplace and getting those gas logs you know you have been eyeing for far too long!

Fireplace Gas Logs

Just because you are not using your fireplace at the moment doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be planning ahead and getting ready for the upcoming winter. Before you know it, the leaves will be changing and you will start to feel cooler breezes.  Right now you think that sounds pretty wonderful, but soon you will be really thankful that you took advantage of this BIG SALE and purchased that set of gas logs you have been wanting.

Fireplace Gas Logs

If you do not already know about Real Fyre gas logs and all of their benefits, I am going to tell you three reasons why I LOVE my gas logs. and let you know that right now all of our gas log sets on display are 30% off until they are gone.

Fireplace Gas Logs

Most of our display logs are from Real Fyre. Real Fyre has been in the gas logs business for over 65 years and they build a beautiful and authentic looking log set whether they are lit or not. Real Fyre allows you to enjoy the warmth and beauty of all that a fire offers, like comfort and security, without all the hassle and mess of cleaning up.

I personally just finished my second winter having a set of these Real Fyre gas logs in my home and I could not be happier with their performance. We are a family of four living in a hundred year old drafty home with, unfortunately, 6 non-working original, coal-burning fireplaces. To say that we have high heating bills in the winter is an understatement. A few years ago I expressed some interest in seeing about having a set of gas logs put into one of the rooms downstairs that looked like it already had a gas hook up. My husband jumped at the chance, knowing how great they work, and bought us a set of  Real Fyre vent-free logs. To save me some time or answer some of your questions on vented versus vent-free you can find information here.

Fireplace Gas Logs

Three reasons why I LOVE my fireplace gas logs:

1. My family can enjoy the warmth and glow of a beautiful fire with ease. I am telling you, they are EASY to turn on!

After you have decided which gas logs are going to be perfect for your home, you need to decide on how you want to turn on your gas logs. There are two options: manual or a remote. When we purchased our gas logs, we chose to go with the on/off remote control. I thought this was brilliant and so easy, what more could I want. However, having two little kids, one of them last year walked off with the remote and that little black on/off remote seems to have gone to the Land of Lost Socks, never to be heard from again. However, that did not stop us from using our logs this past winter. We just used the manual switch which was so simple, it just could not be done sitting back on the couch while watching your favorite show, so I would get up and walk across the room and log a few extra steps on my Fitbit and flip the manual switch and, like that, we were in business.

Fireplace Gas Logs

2. The vent-free option is GREAT!

Our fireplaces are OLD and have had all sorts of things done to them over the years. Some of them appear to have been closed off from the top, others have their openings completely covered, and we have not gone into explore. So for us, the vent-free option was a no brainer. We were able to close the flue and we now have an excellent source of heat. You can see more here on whether a vent or vent-free option is right for you.

3. Our gas logs have actually lowered our heating bill and kept our family from freezing!

These gas logs have been a lifesaver for my family in more ways than just lowering our heating bill and providing a warmer atmosphere in our downstairs family room. We placed them in the room we are in the most and they have provided an excellent source of heat in additional to the warm happy feelings you get when you look at the beautiful fire. I have two children under the age of three and these gas logs actually heat my kids room that is directly above this room on the second floor and help cut down on heating the second floor.

Our biggest appreciation for these logs came two winters ago, in 2014, when we had the massive ice storm Pax, that left us with no power and electricity for over three days. My husband and I have spent many years living in New England and we were able to handle the weather part, but unfortunately, the South is not equipped to handle storms of this magnitude and our city was really unprepared for the destruction of this ice storm. However, we were able to stay in our home because of these gas logs. We heated two rooms downstairs with this set of logs and even took in another family for a night. I had a 1 year old and a 6 month old baby at the time and keeping them warm and safe was never a concern thanks to these logs.

So for me, I cannot express how wonderful and what a difference having a set of Real Fyre gas logs has been for my family, both in keeping us safe and warm. and also the beauty they have added to our home by bringing in a little more FIRE! What do you think about addling a little FIRE to your home now?

Fireplace Gas Logs

At Fireside Outdoor Kitchens we are starting to prepare for winter and that means that you can get some BIG savings right now. We are moving out our display models and getting ready for new inventory.

Fireplace gas logs

That means you need to hurry down to the store, or give us a call if you are not local, and get in on this deal before these gas log display units are gone!

Fireplace gas logs

Come by to select the gas logs that best fit your home.

Fireplace gas logs

Seriously, you don’t want to miss your chance to get a beautiful, convenient, economical, safe and environmentally friendly set. If you have questions or want to see the logs in action, you know where to find us. Come talk to the Hearth Master, we would love to help make your winter a little warmer and bring some FIRE into your home!


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