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  • Black Eyed Peas

    A staple in the Southern diet for over 300 years, black-eyed peas have long been associated with good luck. A dish of peas is a New Year’s tradition in most areas of the South, thought to bring luck and prosperity for the new year. According to Jessica Harris, author of "Welcome Table," some add a […]

  • RIBS

    Ingredients: Meat: – Pork Baby Back Ribs Rub: (Equal Parts) – Patti’s Seasoning – Memphis Mae’s Rib Rub Sauce: – Southern Soul BBQ Sauce – 50% – Jersey Juice BBQ Sauce – 15% – Fireside Apple Grill Sauce – 20% – Bourbon – 15% Spray: – Apple Cider – 30% – Apple Cider Vinegar – […]

  • Baby Back Ribs

    3-pack baby back ribs from Sam’s, but I always cook 6 racks cause the large rib rack can hold 6, and 6 is more than 3. Thaw in Refrigerator De-membrane ribs. Rub with cheap plain yellow mustard – you will not taste the mustard, just acts as a great agent to hold the rub Sprinkle […]

  • Chipotle Candied Yams

    Ingredients:Sweet Potatoes1 small can of chipotlesOrange JuiceMaple syrup (real!)Orange zestFreshly grated ginger rootPecan oilDizzy Pig’s Pineapple Head Rub Process:1. Preheat BGE to 400F indirect2. Season sweet potatoes with pecan oil and Pineapple head and wrap individually in foil. Bake until soft. Approx 45mins. Cool them rapidly in refrigerator or freezer. Reduce BGE temp. to 350F3. […]

  • Crustaceans – multiple recipes below

    Derived from Cooking Lesson… CRUSTACEANS! Recipes below:Cajun Shrimp SpreadGrilled Whole Lobster and Lobster Tails Basted with Garlic Butter and Dressed with Ruby Red Grapefruit VinaigretteGrilled Snow Crab Legs Grilled Soft Shell Crabs Sautéed Summer Vegetable SaladSauces: Semi-traditional Cocktail Sauce Creamy Avocado Dipping Sauce Garlic Butter Ruby Red Grapefruit Vinaigrette Cajun Shrimp Spread Ingredients:Shrimp, raw, deveined […]


    Derived from Cooking Lesson… BACON WRAPPED AND BRATWURST STUFFED PORK LOIN! Recipes Below:Red Potatoes with Mustard and VinegarBlaukraut (Braised Red Cabbage)Bacon Wrapped and Bratwurst Stuffed Pork Loin Red Potatoes with Mustard and Vinegar Ingredients:Baby Red PotatoesBacon, cut into lardons and cooked until crispyGarlic, mincedFlat-leaf Parsley, choppedApples Cider VinegarWhole Grain Mustard (Maille is a good brand)Butter […]

  • Mushrooms…Multiple recipes, read all

    Derived from Cooking Lesson…MUSHROOMS! Recipes below:Crostini with Herbed Goat Cheese and Pureed Marinated MushroomsSpicy Crab-Stuffed MushroomsGrilled Marinated PortobellosBeef Wellington with Red Wine Mushroom Sauce Crostini with Herbed Goat Cheese and Pureed Marinated Mushrooms Ingredients:Store-bought CrostiniFresh, young goat cheeseBoursin Cheese SpreadSour creamMarinated mushrooms from Fresh Market’s Olive Bar Process:1. Combine goat cheese and Boursin, adding sour […]

  • Creamy Sautéed Spinach

    Ingredients:Fresh baby spinach (allow for about 3-5 oz. per person…it cooks down a lot!)Freshly minced garlic (a lot… 1-2 cloves per person)Onion, chopped (1 large per 4 people)Cream cheese (don’t use less than ½ a block)Kosher salt & freshly cracked black pepperNutmeg, a couple pinchesWhite winePecan oil or olive oil, couple tbls. Process:1. In a […]

  • Cucumber Salad

    Ingredients:English Cucumber(s), very thinly slicedFresh Dill, choppedFresh Mint, choppedSour CreamGreek-style Yogurt, PlainOnion, very thinly slicedSugarVinegar or lemon juiceKosher SaltFresh cracked black pepper Process:1. Prep onions and cucumber. Sprinkle with some vinegar and set aside2. Make a dressing out of the remaining ingredients, including more vinegar or lemon juice, to taste. (balance the acidity and the […]

  • Grilled Asparagus

    Ingredients:1 Bunch of AsparagusKosher salt & freshly cracked black pepperPecan or olive oilParmigiano Reggiano Process:1. Prep asparagus by snapping off the ends (do not cut! Snapping with your fingers allows the stalk of asparagus to tell you where the tough part ends and tender part begins)2. Season with pecan or olive oil and salt and […]