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  • Fire Magic: Magic Days of Summer

    Discover the grill you’ve been dreaming of. For more than 80 years, Fire Magic has been building the world’s finest outdoor grills, for people who demand the highest quality and performance. And this summer, it’s time for you to upgrade to the grill you really want!  Buy a Fire Magic Echelon, Aurora or Choice gas […]

  • Fire Magic Special: UPGRADE

    When only the best will do! It’s time to choose a top of the line Fire Magic Echelon Diamond grill. It combines the ultimate in performance, beauty and innovation.  With sleek lines, a unique contoured face and state of the art features such as hot surface ignition, blue back lit knobs, and an optional Magic […]

  • Weekend Special: Safety Flat Grill BBQ Brush

    How do you clean your grill? Over the years, there have been articles and talk about wire grill brushes losing bristles and those bristles getting stuck in food… and we will just stop there. You can google it if you want more details. But because of the potential dangers involved, we have been very careful when recommending […]

  • Weekend Special: Kick Ash Super Lifter

    Do you have a grill problem? We have a solution! This tool solves several different problems. It is a really simple but ingenious tool for lifting the grates, heat deflectors or stones out of your grill, especially when they are hot.  And not only does it help with lifting, it will hold it on your […]

  • Pizza-Porta visits Fireside

      I think it is pretty fair to say that everyone LOVES pizza. I mean really, look at this beauty. Tasty and a work of art, pizza class at Fireside is always a good time, you learn new tips and tricks and there is always tasty pizza! And like the sign says, while YOU can’t […]

  • Weekend Special: Georgia Olive Oil

    True Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Locally grown, gathered and pressed.  Here is a little of the history from their website, in early 2009, five farmers in Southeast Georgia gathered with the dream of resurrecting olive oil production in Georgia and the Southeast US. In 2011, Georgia Olive Farms harvested the first commercial crop of olives grown […]

  • Weekend Special: Kamado Joe Soapstone

    The Kamado Joe soapstone is not just beautiful but useful! And I don’t know about you, but I like when I purchase a product and it is both aesthetically pleasing and useful. This soapstone is that kind of product. It is naturally non-stick and just dying to sizzle your smash burgers.  Great for a variety […]

  • Open House

    After months of talking about the changes at Fireside, the big reveal happened. Last Friday night we opened the doors for our Open House on Broad Street and welcomed everyone into Fireside Kitchens & Grills. New signs are now in place and the response has been wonderful.  When you walk through the doors on the left […]