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  • Turkey Cooking Equipment List

    We have a lot of questions about the right equipment for cooking turkey. You don’t have to use the list below but I’ll show you what I won’t do a turkey without then what I just like to have. Will not do without: A great grill you are comfortable using Platesetter on a Big Green […]

  • Cornbread

    The history of cornbread is as old as corn itself! I know this sounds dreary, but it’s true. In the USA, we’ve known about and eaten cornbread since arrival of the Europeans. The native Americans learned early to dry and grind corn into corn meal, the basic component of cornbread. When mixed with eggs and […]


    Special Thank to Chris Meikrantz Equipment: – Large or Extra Large BGE – Large foil roasting pan – Plate setter – Dual Probe Thermometer Ingredients: Meat: – Bone-In Fresh Ham – Approx. 20lbs Paste Rub: – 4- 6 cloves of garlic – Fresh sage, chopped – Fresh thyme – Fresh Flat- leaf (Italian) parsley – […]

  • Bacon Weave Turkey

    Bacon Weave I didn’t come up with this and don’t even know for sure that I’m doing it “correctly”.   I do know that it works really well, looks even better and tastes like nothing I’ve ever had before.    I have also noticed there’s never any left over. Take 8 strips of thick bacon. […]

  • Holiday Turkey or Ham On The Holland*

    If you’ve ever been to a Holland Grill cooking demonstration, you’ve probably seen the Holland rep grilling a whole turkey. We do this because people can’t believe how moist and juicy the turkey on the Holland is and how easy it is to do. They turn out golden brown everytime. So why not cook your […]

  • Thanksgiving Turkey from Chris Hitchcock

    1.   The Bird As with most any cook, it is vitally important to get good quality meat.  Turkey is no different.  You certainly do not have to buy a $6.00 per pound turkey that was pampered it’s whole life, but you don’t want to snag the steroid full frozen bird that didn’t sell last year either.  […]

  • Turkey Stuffing from “Turkey Vol. 1”

    Ingredients: White bread (the firmer the better) Onions (lots), chopped Celery (lots), chopped Green bell pepper (very little), chopped Carrot (very little), chopped Chicken Stock Unsalted Butter Sage Rosemary Thyme Freshly cracked black pepper Process: 1. Preheat BGE/oven to 350F, indirect 2. Break bread, by hand, into large bowls 3. In a large saucepan, sauté […]

  • “Health impact of eating red meat”

    This month’s Scientific American has an article on the health impact of eating red meat.  It reviewed the most recent, reliable science on whether eating red meat is related to increased heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, or diabetes. The conclusion is that most medical/health/dietary reports of the dangers of eating red meat are […]