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  • Kamado Joe Special

    The burgers are battling, so you get special pricing! Usually about twice a year, Fireside has special pricing on grills that have been used 1X. And this fall is that time of the year! On October 4th,  the annual Boys and Girls Club Burger Battle will take place and Fireside sponsors the grills. This year […]

  • Weekend Special: Shun Knives

    Be a cut above with a new Shun Knife! Incredibly sharp edges and unmatched aesthetics set Shun knives apart from every other kitchen knife on the market today.  From the legendary samurai swords said to contain the soul of the warrior who wielded them to the handcrafted kitchen knives of today, the exquisite craftsmanship of […]

  • Weekend Special: Rosle BBQ Fish Turner

    Perfect grilling tool for fish. The wide horizontal turner slips under the fish and holds it gently. The wide width makes this turner ideal for lifting, turning and transferring whole fish, and large cuts of beef & chicken. Dishwasher safe. Grab one for this weekend to enjoy on your grill this summer. This grill tool […]

  • Weekend Special: Cast Iron Grate

    Kamado Joe Cast Iron Grate The excellent heat retention and long-lasting durability make cast iron ideal for all cuts, and the hearty grate marks sear meats and seal in flavor. This cast iron grate is ideal for cooking any type of beef, chicken or pork and it is guaranteed to help lock in an abundance of […]

  • DID YOU KNOW… Coffee

    Fireside is also in the business of helping fuel your morning! That is right, we offer coffee machines by Miele that can be placed on your counter or built in! You can now get perfect results and intense coffee flavor at home without even getting out of your robe and leaving your kitchen.  If you choose […]

  • Weekend Special: Solar Lights

    A little light with a HUGE sense of adventure! Get dad a light that keeps giving all year long! Perfect for backyard grilling, camping, fishing, in home use and just about anytime you can use a little light! This extremely durable solar LED light is completely powered by the sun, no additional batteries needed. Set […]

  • Miele: Washer and dryer

      Every detail has been perfected with Miele’s sophisticated W1 washing machines and T1 dryers. Miele’s TwinDos provides the most intuitive automatic detergent system on the market. With the TwinDos function two detergent containers can be integrated into the washing machine and the appliance dispenses the optimum quantity of detergent for the laundry at the […]