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  • Fireside’s Favorite Things: Gift’s for the Pizza Master

    Everyone loves pizza and there is nothing more fun than making your own pizza on the grill. Whether newbie or grill enthusiast, we have gift ideas for making pizza on EVERY TYPE of grill or even taking it a step further and purchasing a wood-fired oven that is sure to become a family favorite. Check […]

  • Creamed Brussels Sprouts

    This recipe is sure to become a family favorite this Thanksgiving season. Trust me, add this one to your list of sides for the holidays and then you can thank us. This is a creamy and delicious take on brussels sprouts and one that you will add to many dishes. Creamed Brussels Sprouts Prep Time: […]

  • Fireside’s Favorite Things: Gift Ideas Under $40

    Are you looking for some GREAT ideas this holiday season? Here is a list of gifts that are under $40 and are sure to excite and thrill even the hardest to buy for. Don’t give another tie or holiday ceramic to those you love, get them something they will LOVE. We also have a video […]

  • Grilled Beef Tenderloin and Blue Cheese Crostini

    If you have ever been around a Fireside Outdoor Kitchens Cooking Class on Tuesday nights you have probably tried more than a couple really tasty appetizer ideas. The topic this week was Tri-Tip but after having a few hiccups in getting the specific cut of meat we were looking for, we covered quite a few […]

  • What fire pit is right for you?

    Fall is on its way and soon we will have cooler days with crisp nights. The leaves will be changing and the landscape in our yards will change color as we move into one of my favorite times of the year. While I truly love summer, fall is my next favorite time of year. Yes, […]

  • Cowboy Caviar (with roasted corn)

    Today is National Hot Dog Day and of course, we decided to participate. So we fired up the grill and made some lunch. While discussing what we were going to put on our hotdogs, light bulb moment… leftovers from our weekly cooking class would be the perfect topping and will have only gotten better with […]

  • Three reasons why I love my fireplace gas logs!

    The temperature may be hot right now and all you can think about is getting cooled off, but you really need to be thinking about FIRE! That’s right, I said FIRE! What I meant to say was fireplace gas logs and even more specifically, I was talking about your fireplace and getting those gas logs […]

  • Grilled Onion Rings… two ways

    This week we celebrated National Onion Ring Day. It seems like these days, there is a day to celebrate everything, so who should be surprised that there is one to celebrate everyone’s favorite edible ring – the ONION! The history of the onion ring seems to go back quite far with a recipe found in 1802 […]