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  • Weekend Special: Meat Church Deez Nuts

    Deez Nuts Honey Pecan BBQ Rub If you haven’t tried the popular Meat Church line of seasonings, you have been missing out. This weekend is your chance to take one home for 25% off! This rub started from Meat Churchs popular Honey Hog BBQ rub. They experimented and had several top chefs cook with different […]

  • Outdoor Kitchen: Built-in Gas Pizza Oven

    Over the past few years, pizza ovens have become quite HOT in outdoor kitchens and not just because of the high temperatures that you can get a wood-fired oven. Fireside Kitchens & Grills designs and builds hundreds of outdoor kitchens a year  and on average about 1 out of every 3-4 conversations begins with a […]

  • Weekend Special: The Claw

    The Claw Never burn your hands while handling your plate setter AGAIN! The Claw allows you to lift a hot plate setter from your kamado cooker with a simple turn of your wrist. When cooking different foods, it is often necessary to cook indirect using a plate setter. However, if you like to finish food or sear […]

  • New Product: Smoker Bricx

    NEW PRODUCT: Smoker Bricx   Better Smoke. Better Flavor.  Infused with Bourbon, this is the wood use to make Cleveland Whiskey.  Not just oak from a barrel but finishing woods like apple, black cherry, sugar maple, hickory and honey locust.  The Smoker BRICX are packed wet and packed fresh, full of aroma and flavor.  Always […]

  • Weekend Special: Ribs

    Weekend Special: Ribs It’s the weekend before the 4th of July! I am working on my menu for the holiday. Are you? If you haven’t started thinking about it yet, you should and I really recommend you add ribs to the list! One of my favorite foods to have on the 4th is ribs. I […]

  • Memphis Pellet Grill Summer Grilling Set

    If you’ve been thinking about buying a Memphis Grill, now is the time! With the purchase of a Memphis Grill from now until July 9th you’re eligible to receive a free Memphis Grilling Kit. You’re not dreaming: Not only will you be the lucky owner of an industry-leading, award-winning Memphis pellet grill, you’ll also get a […]

  • Weekend Special: Cast Iron Grate

    Kamado Joe Cast Iron Grate The excellent heat retention and long-lasting durability make cast iron ideal for all cuts, and the hearty grate marks sear meats and seal in flavor. This cast iron grate is ideal for cooking any type of beef, chicken or pork and it is guaranteed to help lock in an abundance of […]

  • DID YOU KNOW… Coffee

    Fireside is also in the business of helping fuel your morning! That is right, we offer coffee machines by Miele that can be placed on your counter or built in! You can now get perfect results and intense coffee flavor at home without even getting out of your robe and leaving your kitchen.  If you choose […]

  • Weekend Special: Solar Lights

    A little light with a HUGE sense of adventure! Get dad a light that keeps giving all year long! Perfect for backyard grilling, camping, fishing, in home use and just about anytime you can use a little light! This extremely durable solar LED light is completely powered by the sun, no additional batteries needed. Set […]