Bacon Weave Turkey

Bacon Weave
I didn’t come up with this and don’t even know for sure that I’m doing it “correctly”.   I do know that it works really well, looks even better and tastes like nothing I’ve ever had before.    I have also noticed there’s never any left over.

Take 8 strips of thick bacon.  I’ve been buying smoked or country bacon because it is the thickest.   If you have a good butcher shop they should have country bacon that is about twice as thick as the bacon you usually get in the grocery.   Lay 4 strips out parallel to each other.  Then take one strip and lay it across the ends of the first four running perpendicular.  Simply pick up 2 of the 4 ends and lay them across the top of the new strip.  Add the second one by lifting the other 2 strips and laying them atop of the new strip, keep going for the 3rd and 4th strip.   Usually the pack comes with 9 or 10 strips.   Take the remaining strips and cut them up placing them inside the cavity of a bird or tuck them under the skin of a bird so that the “juices” soak into the breast.   I also use toothpicks to hold the bacon in place when I position it on the bird.   Haven’t had to do this for a butt.
As a note the turkey cooked for 21 hours and when I presented it I was able to lift the entire breast in one piece with no knife from the carcass!   Pulled all the meat from this bird with my hands, no need to cut anything except thinly slicing the breast.

• What did I use for this cook:
◦ Double Decker Rack from FIRESIDE
◦ Wicked Good Charcoal from FIRESIDE
◦ ET-73 Digital Thermometer from FIRESIDE
◦ Mumbo Jumbo Elegance from FIRESIDE
◦ Platesetter from FIRESIDE
◦ Dales Seasoning for marinade from Publix
◦ 14″ Soapstone cooking stone to serve it up HOT! from FIRESIDE

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