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  • Fireside Outdoor Kitchen Spotlight: The Gathering Spot

      On any given day with the click of a button anyone can do a google search and find beautiful outdoor kitchens to look at and dream about. From Pintrest, to Houzz, DIY blogs, your local hardware stores and even on television shows on HGTV, outdoor kitchens are popping up everywhere. It seems that everyone […]

  • Smoked Salmon Sauce

      Last week we had our monthly Ladies ONLY Grilling class and this recipe was the hit of the night. We plank smoked a piece of salmon and Chris whipped up this amazing sauce that was the perfect accompaniment to a very tasty salmon preparation. All night long everyone kept asking for the recipe, so […]

  • Fireside’s Favorite Things: Kamado Joe Grill Deal

      Have you been dreaming of a ceramic grill? Do you have someone that has one on their list for Ho-Ho? Now is the time to make that purchase! If you buy a Kamado Joe Classic before December 1st, you will receive a Joetisserie for FREE! This is a $250 value! So since it is […]

  • Fireside’s Favorite Things: Gift’s for the Pizza Master

    Everyone loves pizza and there is nothing more fun than making your own pizza on the grill. Whether newbie or grill enthusiast, we have gift ideas for making pizza on EVERY TYPE of grill or even taking it a step further and purchasing a wood-fired oven that is sure to become a family favorite. Check […]

  • Creamed Brussels Sprouts

    This recipe is sure to become a family favorite this Thanksgiving season. Trust me, add this one to your list of sides for the holidays and then you can thank us. This is a creamy and delicious take on brussels sprouts and one that you will add to many dishes. Creamed Brussels Sprouts Prep Time: […]

  • Fireside’s Favorite Things: Gift Ideas Under $40

    Are you looking for some GREAT ideas this holiday season? Here is a list of gifts that are under $40 and are sure to excite and thrill even the hardest to buy for. Don’t give another tie or holiday ceramic to those you love, get them something they will LOVE. We also have a video […]

  • Grilled Beef Tenderloin and Blue Cheese Crostini

    If you have ever been around a Fireside Outdoor Kitchens Cooking Class on Tuesday nights you have probably tried more than a couple really tasty appetizer ideas. The topic this week was Tri-Tip but after having a few hiccups in getting the specific cut of meat we were looking for, we covered quite a few […]

  • What fire pit is right for you?

    Fall is on its way and soon we will have cooler days with crisp nights. The leaves will be changing and the landscape in our yards will change color as we move into one of my favorite times of the year. While I truly love summer, fall is my next favorite time of year. Yes, […]